Mr. Calfee’s work is evidence that it is possible for Florida entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams in the Sunshine State.

Rick Scott -Governor

Dudley is man of integrity and possessed with a Herculean work ethic, he relishes challenges and readily incorporates the latest technology into his operation.


Ron O’Connor -Director of Marketing & Government Affairs Farm Credit of Central Florida

Mr. Calfee demonstrates a good balance of farming and use of environmentally friendly practices.

Natália A. Peres -Associate Professor of Plant Pathology University of Florida

Dudley’s vision and leadership is a shining example to producers throughout Florida who want to use sustainable methods while maintain good yields.

Adam Putnam -Florida Commissioner of Agriculture

Mr. Calfee is an industry leader who sets standards for other growers to follow. He is a role model and a leader…..

Oscar Liburd, Ph.D. -Professor of Fruit and Vegetable Entomology University of Florida

I think he has connect-ability, when he says something he connects with people. I don’t even like to call him a go to guy I like to calling him a double go to guy because he’ll do something for the chamber of commerce with as much enthusiasm as he does for agriculture.

Dale McClellan -Owner, M&B Products

He is very receptive to new ideas. He generates a lot of his own. Dudley has a vision of improving their production and their efficiency and looking into the future on the ways and means on which to do that.

Joe Noling -Professor of Entomology and Nematology, University of Florida

One of the things I like about working with Dudley is that he is willing to experiment. He is willing to take the risks that other growers are not will to do and he can see the benefits of what we are doing so to speak. So he is an excellent collaborator to work with.

Oscar Liburd -Professor of Entomology, University of Florida

Dudley is very open to research. Researchers need that one grower that is innovative and the other growers who will look at it and talk about what they’re doing and then maybe I’ll get some other growers convinced that way because, if it is working here they say well maybe I can give it a chance.

Natalia Peres -Associate Professor of Plant Pathology, University of Florida

Dudley wasn’t a grower to begin with which was probably a plus, because it enabled him to see things from a little bit different perspective and have a little bit different way of doing things.

Gary Wishnatzki-Owner, Wish Farms